11 August 2009

Comcast Kills Analog

Another nail in the coffin of analog T.V. June 12 saw the end of over-the-air analog broadcasts - now this.

Today marks the beginning of Comcast's plan to eliminate the transmission of analog signals over their cable network. Beginning August 11, 2009, Comcast customers in Hillsborough will need to use an addressable cable box or a DTA digital converter to receive many of the channels they currently get straight from the coaxial cable to the television.

If you are like me and don't subscribe to any premium channels, cable boxes and the like have been unnecessary - until now. Installation is fairly straightforward -but I'll tell you what, I couldn't picture my grandmother, or mother for that matter, figuring it out on her own.

The installation hassles are compounded if you use a service like Tivo - which needs to use its OWN remote control, and control channel changes. The changeover requires setting up the Tivo software from step one - a sometimes hours-long process - and installing infrared sensors on the new cable equipment. - a tricky proposition.

After all of that, the actual picture IS marginally better, in my opinion. Still I don't see why I am paying $115 a month for basic cable and internet service, when I keep receiving offers for Comcast's Triple Play - cable, internet, and phone - for $99.

I think I'll save THAT rant for another time.

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