17 August 2009

Images from the Campout - Plus...an Idea

Here are some images from the 2009 Hillsborough Township Campout at Ann Van Middlesworth Park. Scroll through to the end to read an idea for next year's campout.

All lines cast for the fishing derby.

All tents pitched on the outfield grass.

All ears perked for Committeeman Ferrera.

All marshmallows toasted over the campfire.

All mouths filled with smores!

Here's the idea. As I walked back to the campsite Saturday morning carrying two cups of coffee, I met a couple of people who were just browsing between the tents. It's cool to see all the different shelter designs and camping gear.

It occurred to me that some sporting goods or outdoor store is missing an opportunity at an event like this. These are the people - the families and novice campers - that the equipment manufacturers need to reach in order to expand their customer base.

It would be great to get one of these stores involved in next year's event, maybe as a sponsor. If some of the cost could be underwritten, the fee paid by campers might be able to go to a charitable cause.

One way for an outdoor store to get involved would be to offer an "instant upgrade" during the campout. One cramped family with a too small tent could be upgraded on the spot to a new big one - kind of like how they used to pick someone way at the back of the stadium and give them tickets right down on the front row.

Something like this, combined with a charitable element, would add an interesting addition to the campout. It could be a win-win for all involved.

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