20 October 2008

Time Warp

Members of the Hillsborough Township Committee joined the Planning Board on the dais of the multipurpose room to hear the concerns of citizens and citizens' groups about the proposed development.

Residents of the town had been hearing about the project for weeks, and had legitimate concerns about what impact this massive project would have on the town - especially property values, school enrollments, and environmental impact. After all, the project was planned for an environmentally sensitive area of the town. Experts came forth to state that projects like this in Franklin Township and Bridgewater had caused taxes to rise, and had strained those communities.

Sound familiar? This event took place in the multipurpose room of the Hillsborough Consolidated School - now known as Hillsborough Elementary School - on May 15, 1953!

It concerned the proposal by 3M to build the quarry and roof tile granule manufacturing plant on the border between Hillsborough and Montgomery.

Fifty-five years later, Hillsborough faces another tough development challenge. And though much has changed since 1953, one thing remains the same - Hillsborough's open, resident-friendly municipal government still encourages citizens to come out and actively participate in the democratic process.

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