07 October 2008

Good Farmer, Great Neighbor

Are you taking the kids to one of the local farms this Halloween season? There are at least three farms right here in Hillsborough that rev up the "agricultural tourism" aspects of their businesses this time of year, and all are a good bet for an afternoon of family fun.

Hillsboro Farm is located on Hillsborough Road, Norz Hill Farm is out on South Branch Road, and Doyle's Unami Farms, which I wrote about last year, is near the end of Mill Lane. All of the farms generally offer all of the usual Fall season activities like hayrides and pumpkin picking, and you can visit their websites for more info.

The photos below are from our 2003 trip, just down the block, to our favorite Hillsborough family farm, Everett's. Tom Everett's name is well known in Somerset County and across New Jersey for his leadership on agricultural issues and farmland preservation. The Everetts exemplified everything that makes a good farmer a great neighbor - not the least of which was a generous hospitality, shown to its best advantage each Halloween.

After Tom Everett's untimely death from pancreatic cancer in 2005 at the age of 55, Everett's Family Farm ceased their farm stand and Halloween activities. Thanks Tom for being a friend to the New Jersey farmer, and a great Hillsborough neighbor.

Everett's Family Farm 2003

Everett's Family Farm 2003

Everett's Family Farm 2003


  1. Hi Greg,
    I wanted to thank you for the wonderful post about my father, Tom Everett. It is comforting to know my dad is remembered so fondly by others.
    My aunt came across your article the other day and shared it with me. Thanks again for your kind rememberance of my dad!
    Rachel Everett Lyons
    Hillsborough, NJ

  2. Hi Rachel!

    I never knew your father personally - although we have lived here in Hillsborough at the corner of Beekman Lane and Conover Drive since 1993 - but I think we did meet YOU once or twice when you were the reigning dairy princess, could that be true?!?!?

    We always came out to the farm at Halloween - I have some great pictures of my daughter as a toddler sitting among the pumpkins from 8 or 9 years ago.

  3. Hi Greg,

    Wow! I think we must have met back in my Dairy Princess days...long ago. Would you believe I am MCing this year's Dairy Princess Pagaent on Saturday. I can't get away! :)

    Perhaps our paths will cross again. My husband and I just moved back to Hillsborough this August. We are glad to be closer to the farm. My younger brother (who is a farmer by occupation) is farming our farm in his spare time. We have been kicking around the idea of openning the farm market again. If we do- I hope you and your family will come and check it out.