09 May 2015

Well House and Hay Barn, Then and Now

It's a pretty long walk just from the Visitor's Center at Duke Farms to the Hay Barn - over half a mile, I think.  A century ago you could stop and have a drink at the rustic Well House, just off the path on the right.

Well House and Hay Barn postcard circa 1909

Today you can still see the capped well and the ruins of the Hay Barn just beyond.

Remains of the Well House and Hay Barn at Duke Farms, March 2015

The Hay Barn burned down in a spectacular fire on January 21, 1915. It is not known when the Well House was removed.

Well House and Flying Mercury circa 1909

This area of Duke's Park had another important feature - a beautiful bronze reproduction of Giambologna's 16th century Flying Mercury.

Site of the Flying Mercury statue at Duke Farms, March 2015

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