24 June 2008

Hillsborough Historical Mural Project

There have been some exciting developments regarding the Hillsborough Historical Mural being put together by project leader Paul Ritz and artist Doreen Lorenzetti. The 125 foot long mural depicting people, places, and events from Hillsborough's first 240 years is expected to take about a year to complete at a cost of about $40,000, and will be displayed on the outside wall of the municipal building to the right of the main entrance.

Residents have already been scouring their attics and basements digging out old photos and other ephemera from Hillsborough's past - many of which will be represented in the finished mural. Armchair historians - myself included - have been googling like mad, and running to the libraries in search of other tidbits of our history.

Ms. Lorenzetti has enough material now to begin work on a twenty foot mock-up of the mural, which she plans to display at various locations around Hillsborough later this year.

I have been and will continue to be involved in this project as part of a a volunteer group that will oversee fundraising and other aspects of the project. I am very excited about what I have seen so far, and I know I will have more to say as this project develops. Keep reading!

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