12 June 2008

Garage Sale Math

How do you lose $3607 at a yard sale? It's easy - but first let me tell you about the new Garage Sale Map at MyCentralJersey.com. Just click on the link in the last sentence, and you will find an interactive map of all the local garage sales. This looks like it will be a nice feature, and I'm sure area bargain hunters will be using it weekly.

Where I live in Rohill, there are two big neighborhood garage sales each spring. This year, I worked it out so my dump day was AFTER the sale. As it turns out, I didn't have very much to "dump", because we did really well at the sale. We got rid of a ton of useful (yes, useful) items - primarily kids clothes and other items that were too nice to be dropped in one of the charity clothing bins and sold by the pound.

In fact, we made $400! I was ecstatic! Wow, I thought, we should do this every week. Until I remembered what my Dad always said - to make $400 at a garage sale, you have to give away $4000 worth of stuff. So that accounts for the -$3600 on the balance sheet!

And the other $7? That's what the ladies down the street charge you for running the ads and putting up the signs. I wonder if they made any money at the sale?!?!?

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