08 June 2008

Let's Play Two - Not

It sounded like a good idea. It should have been a great day. Then came the heat wave.

As an early Father's Day gift, the Brownies of Girl Scout Troop 255 planned a Father-Daughter trip to Commerce Bank Ballpark on Sunday [June 8] to see the Somerset Patriots. This wasn't an easy decision for the seven girls. Reportedly it came down to the baseball game, or a day at the Camden aquarium. In retrospect....

The heat on Sunday was brutal. Sitting in the stadium was like sitting in an electric frying pan - on high. For most of the game my daughter was miserable. She didn't even want any stadium food, so I knew she was out of it! We couldn't stay in our seats for more than half an inning at a time. And we weren't alone. There were more people taking refuge on the concourse than in the stands.

I think we were all hoping the game would be over quickly. Of course, the Patriots didn't cooperate - choosing Sunday to bang out 15 runs in their highest scoring game of the year.

A pitcher has to go five innings to get credit for the win and a game isn't considered official until 5 1/2 innings have been played. There was no way we were going to reach either of those milestones.

We got out of there after just four innings. I cranked up the AC in the car, and we just sat there for a minute trying to recover.

I never thought I would hear myself say this, but, I would have rather been in Camden!

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