21 June 2008


I'm sure you've seen the signs around town, so I don't need to remind you that Independence Day comes to Hillsborough early this year in the form of the 4th annual Family Fun Day on June 28th. This well attended event kicks off at 4pm at Auten Road School with activities for the kids, music, food, and, of course - Fireworks!

So many people enjoy this event that it's hard to believe there are some who would like to scrap the whole thing, They contend that the reduction in state aid to municipalities, combined with annual increases in salaries, and now the incredible rising cost of fuel, make the fireworks event seem wasteful. Hillsborough Township could save several thousand dollars if the entire day was canceled and everyone just stayed home.

That idea is sound in theory, but in practice, it's all wrong. Hillsborough provides recreational activities for its residents at a much more modest level than other towns our size. For instance, I've seen recreation department offerings from other towns that require a book an inch thick to list them all! Our seasonal recreation offerings are in a book that is properly called a brochure!

Why is that? Because Hillsborough has always spent modestly - and that's the way it should be. But even the most frugal family takes a small vacation once in a while - and that's what the Independence Day Celebration is for Hillsborough.


Remember - the rain date is Sunday.

Shuttle bus service will be provided from the High School and the Middle School. If you live within a mile or two, like I do, I would suggest walking.

See you there!

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