07 June 2008

The Traditional First Anniversary Blog

I was going to start off this blog entry by writing something like, "It's hard to believe it's been a year already!", but that isn't even close to being true. It definitely feels like a year. Or maybe I could write, "I can't believe I'm still doing this, I didn't think I would last a week!", but that would be a lie. I knew I could and would stick with this for AT LEAST a year.

No, the hardest thing to believe about the first anniversary of Gillette On Hillsborough is that somehow there were 130 days that I did NOT write anything for the blog! I don't know where those 130 days went. I'm not sure where I put all of those extra hours, all of that free time, but I must have put it to good use! I guess.

As for the 235 days where I did sit down and come up with something - I remember each of those vividly. Whether it was a long entry about Hillsborough's history or a current contentious topic, a personal anecdote about my life in Central New Jersey, or just a photo and a few sentences, I am pleased to have had the time to put my thoughts down on paper.

So much paper, in fact, that it may be time for a new notebook. And what better traditional gift for a first anniversary than a notebook!

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