30 December 2007

Hellooooooo Chiyoda!

As 2007 draws to a close, I realize that I have been writing the On Hillsborough blog for almost 7 months. I have enjoyed working on it, and enjoy hearing feedback and questions from readers.

Probably the question that is asked most frequently is, How many readers do you have? Funny - people never ask, How do you get your ideas?, or How do you find the time to keep doing this?! Readers want to know if they are the only ones reading! This is the same kind of psychology that makes movie box office receipt lists and television program ratings charts so popular. And also why we need to know which candidate is leading in the polls, or who has raised the most money.

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. If no one else is reading On Hillsborough, why am I wasting my time!

So, for all of you time-wasters, here are some blog stats. I started keeping track of blog traffic on July 3rd - and since that time I have had 5,405 visitors to On Hillsborough, and have had over 8000 pageviews. Over 3600 of those visits have come from people who have surfed over from the Courier News web site. About 500 have found me through NJ.com, and 300 from Blogger.com. People searching with Google have been directed here 250 times, and finally, 515 of you have this site bookmarked or have typed cnhillsborough.blogspot.com into your browsers.

Those are just the top five ways you've gotten here - there are 93 more! On Hillsborough has been linked around the web, and many of you have emailed a link to someone with a web mail service.

2,180 visits came through the Patriot Media Cable Network, 731 through Verizon, 309 through Juno, 196 through Embarq, 164 through America Online,114 through Optimun Online, and 55 through Comcast. The rest of you have been logging on from work - especially from the big pharmaceutical companies!

Around 2000 visits came, as you would expect, from Somerset County - but the rest of Central New Jersey is well represented. And I have had 300 hits from New York. People have logged on from as far away as Santiago, Chile and London, England. But the prize for the most far-out reader goes to some anonymous soul in Chiyoda, a section of Tokyo, who visited On Hillsborough twice on July 28th!

There you have it - all of your questions answered. I think I need to make a resolution tomorrow to never write a blog entry like this again!