13 July 2010

New Route 206 Bypass Map

With the announcement last week that a local Hillsborough company - Carbro Constructors Corp. - has been awarded the contract to begin the construction of the first phase of the Route 206 Bypass project, I decided to take another look at the official plan that I posted here about a year ago.

And then I decided to create a simpler version highlighting the portion of the roadway that will begin construction this year and be completed in 2012.

In the age of Photoshop when I can start with a scrap of a Hillsborough zoning map and turn it into this in just a few minutes, there is no reason that a map of this type shouldn't at least occasionally accompany a newspaper story about the Bypass.

But what do I know?

1 comment:

  1. It's a start. The state should have really constructed the Somerset Freeway between I-95/I-295 and I-287. The US-206 corridor provides a great alternative to the road savvy to get from the south to the north, avoiding the hassles and tolls of the NJTP.