05 March 2010

Senior Housing?

There are no minimum age requirements at the Beazer Homes development off Mountainview Road in Hillsborough. Indeed, most of the "residents" are newborns. There is no maximum age either, which is a good thing since one inhabitant is well over 100!

Through the wavy glass from the 19th to the 21st century.

If you haven't guessed, I'm not talking about humans, but rather the houses themselves.

Before renovation

As a condition of approval for this new subdivision, the Hillsborough Planning Board required Beazer Homes to preserve the historic Gabriel House located on the property. They did more than preserve it. Working in conjunction with the Hillsborough Historic Preservation Commission, the builder beautifully restored the home.

The 19th century Gabriel House located at 22 Rouser Way.

All of the original charm of the house remains and is perfectly complemented by the new, modern, kitchen and master bedroom.

Up close at the Gabriel House.

One interesting aspect of the project is that, unlike many restorations of this type, the Gabriel House does not sit apart from the neighboring houses. Set just a bit further from the street than surrounding homes, it is fully incorporated into the development - right between 20 and 24 Rouser Way.

Historic Preservation Commission Chairman George Redington (left) and Commission Member Tim Johnson (right) join Jodie McCool of Beazer Homes and Hillsborough Committeeman Anthony Ferrera for a tour of the nearly completed Gabriel House last month.

So how will this historic home get along with its newly minted neighbors? We'll find out when the house comes up for sale later this year.

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