24 March 2010

Simpler Math

Here's the scoop. I've been dealing with a $109 million math problem for months now, and it just got a lot worse - $5.16 million worse.

If you want an idea of how crazy it's been, you need look no further than the Hillsborough Blog itself.

All through the last two school budget seasons - roughly November through March for the finance committee, I was perfectly able to keep up my blog posts here with no problem.

This year is a completely different story, as you can see by adding up the meager number of posts I have made since November of 2009.

November 2009 - 5
December 2009 - 15
January 2009 - 10
February 2009 - 10
March 2009 - 6

Total 46

Now that's the kind of math I had almost forgotten existed!

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