24 March 2009

Calling All Patrons - Art Show, May 14, 2009

What does an artist need to succeed - what would you put at the top of the list? Talent, certainly - a natural gift. Skill enough to make the talent work. Determination to succeed, from conception to completion, sometimes a long and difficult process. Desire, too - more than ambition, a need to create, to be seen, to be heard.

Talent, skill, determination, desire. All are necessary. But above all else - patronage!

From DaVinci to Warhol, all successful artists have needed patrons. A great painter may "live for his art", but won't live long without food, clothing, shelter, and the other necessities of our postmodern world.

The Hillsborough Township Cultural and Arts Commission, in conjunction with its upcoming 4th Annual Fine Art Exhibit, is seeking patrons from within Hillsborough's business community. This juried art show, which will take place at the municipal complex on May 14, 2009, will feature the best work of the young artists at Hillsborough High School, as well as other area schools and artists from the community.

Prizes totaling $1000.00 will be awarded in several different categories, and one young artist will receive a $1000.00 commission to create an artwork depicting a prominent figure or feature of our town for display in Hillsborough's new permanent art collection. The first piece in the collection, an oil painting of Assemblyman Peter Biondi, has already been created by our own internationally recognized portraitist Kevin Murphy, and will be unveiled the night of the exhibit.

Businesses and individuals can help by making a donation to offset these costs. Donors will be recognized at the event, and their names or logos will be included in promotional materials, as well as on a banner displayed the evening of the show.

For more information about Hillsborough Township's 4th Annual Fine Art Exhibit, and how you can become a patron to the arts by making a donation. Please contact Kevin Murphy:

By phone at 201-240-9157, or by email: kevin@kevinmurphy.biz

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