14 March 2009

400 Reasons to Clean Up Your Act

Inspired by Hillsborough's upcoming Annual Spring Clean-Up Program and the promise of a big neighborhood garage sale at the end of next month, I decided this week to clean up and clean out the study.

Over the last several months - make that years! - my once spacious retreat has turned into the island of misfit toys. The kids unwanted and unloved playthings competing for space with all kinds of computer peripherals in various states of repair, piles of old bills and tax stuff in need of filing (or shredding), and a seven-foot tower of school board agendas and attachments teetering ominously in the corner.

It got so cluttered I could barely get to my desk to type these blog entries.

But of course the real reason I finally got out the shovel is I will do almost anything to avoid writing when I have nothing to say. And, I guess, even after 399 entries of Gillette on Hillsborough, I still care enough about it to at least TRY to have some real content in every piece.

With the exception of the 400th, apparently!

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