22 March 2009

Conveniently Broke!

When the time comes to renew your car registration, the state of New Jersey gives you three ways to make your payment - in-person at a MVC center, by mail, or through the internet. Which choice do you suspect costs the state the most money?

I wasn't sure either. But I am positive that the most cost effective form for the state to receive a payment must be through the internet. So why does the state charge a $2.00 "convenience charge" for payments received in this manner?

Two bucks doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it's still two bucks. Would the MVC rather I went down to a local office and take up a lot of time on line and at the window(s)? That can't be cheap. How about if I sent a check in the mail? Then a clerk can spend time opening the letter and looking up my name and entering the info. What a waste!

By using the internet, I am doing the jobs that would normally be done by the MVC employees. I should be getting the $2.00, not the Official Payments Corporation which takes that $2.00 "convenience charge" and magically turns it into their "processing fee".

In the event, I paid the $2.00. If Trenton adds any more convenience charges, I may wind up conveniently broke!

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