20 March 2009

Sticking it Out

With so many area businesses closing - particularly national chains like Circuit City, and regional outfits such as Drug Fair - it is heartening to see some of Hillsborough's smaller industrial and commercial companies still trying to make a go of it.

At a time when it might be easier to cut your losses and close up shop, default on your loans and file for bankruptcy, it is good to know that an entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in our town. Not everyone is heading for Pennsylvania - or diving under the bed.

The Hillsborough Township Committee is, essentially, rewarding those industrial companies that are sticking it out by making things just a little bit easier. Minor changes to industrial zones along Route 206 North near the Montgomery border, along Roycefield Road, and along the CSX rail line near Sunnymead and Weston Roads, will make it easier for businesses to expand their operations. And a reduction in site plan application fees from $15,000 down to as low as $2,500 won't hurt either.

And the best part? Unlike those big federal bailouts, these changes can have a positive effect right away - no earmarks necessary.

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