17 April 2021

The Lovers' Tower, Then and Now

Located at the southern end of the historic core of Duke Farms, the stone structure known a century ago as The Lovers' Tower is still a popular photo spot for 21st-century tourists.

Postcard circa 1910

It's really not much of a tower - only about half a flight up - but it was much remarked upon in the days of Duke's Park.

Postcard circa 1915

In those days, before the trees on the estate grew to such a height and density as to block many of the views, the tower could be easily viewed from the hill where James B. Duke was beginning to build his never completed manor house. In those early bachelor days before his first marriage in 1904, newspapers joked that female visitors to the park might try to "capture" Mr. Duke alone in the tower!

The Lovers' Tower, 2017

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