11 March 2008

Looking For Someone?

It finally happened. I am no longer the most searched for person in Hillsborough - at least in terms of visitors to this blog.

At the end of last year I detailed the various ways people found the On Hillsborough Blog. At that time, there were about 250 hits originated from Google searches - this number is now over 800.

Some of the more popular searches that bring visitors to On Hillsborough have to do with topics such as the Belle Mead GSA Depot, Railroad Quiet Zones, the Route 206 bypass project, and the Sourland Mountains.

As you might expect, the single most popular search that brings people here is simply "hillsborough blog". But there are many of you who also search for "gillette hillsborough blog" or "greg gillette courier news", or a dozen other iterations that include my last name. For many months I was neck and neck with another famous Hillsborough name - Ann Van Middlesworth!

That's all over now. We've both been trumped by the most infamous three word name in Hillsborough today.

Truly I have been humbled. I can only hope that you searchers find what you're looking for!

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