17 March 2008

No Pot of Gold for Hillsborough

I'm sorry to report on this St. Patrick's Day that Governor Corzine, like all good leprechauns, has taken his $400,000 pot of gold and hidden it safely away from the good people of Hillsborough. As reported in last week's Courier News, Hillsborough is facing a $400,000 reduction in state aid this budget season - and that won't be easy to make up.

Hillsborough Township municipal government faces rising costs every year - salaries, benefits, fuel, etc. It's hard enough to find savings through elimination of waste and inefficiencies just to make up for these, but to make up for a $400,000 reduction in state aid?!?!?

Make no mistake, the services offered by Hillsborough are excellent - but they are not what I would call plentiful. In this, Hillsborough is not alone. There has been a long term trend over the years of municipalities shedding some of their responsibilities. I guess the one people think of first is trash collection.

It's hard to see what else Hillsborough can cut. Remember, that $400,000 is your money. You gave it to the state when you paid your income taxes. Hillsborough is a town of working people, some making very good incomes indeed, and contributing a hefty amount in income tax. Your money is remaining in Trenton so that our state government doesn't have to make cuts to its own bureaucracy.

Meanwhile there are four men and one woman out on the lawn at the Municipal complex looking for four leafed clovers. I wish them luck!

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