29 March 2008

New Old Timers

Hillsborough's Historic Mural project has gotten me thinking about who is in the best position to tell the story of Hillsborough. How many "old-timers" are still around? Who owns our history anyway?

One group of residents has a lot to do with the look and feel and character of Hillsborough today - the original homeowners of our 50s and 60s developments. I'm afraid these people and their stories may be overlooked in the rush and excitement to find centenarians and learn about the one-room schoolhouse days.

The last 50 years are important too! If you are an original homeowner in Green Hills, Village Green, Country Club Homes, or Claremont we would love to hear your story, too. Leave a comment on the blog, or email me at greg907684@yahoo.com.

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