22 May 2008

Cool - e - rratic!

Is it Spring yet? Still feels like winter to me. Are we in Central New Jersey, or Central Manitoba? I can't believe the furnace was running last night - it's almost June! Is this some kind of joke?

Maybe - and a cruel one at that. You see, we just had a brand new central air conditioner installed about two weeks ago - for mucho bucks - and have yet to use it. At this rate, I don't know if we ever will. We might just make it to Halloween before I ever hear how "ultra-quiet" the new system is.

I've read about "years without a summer". There were a few years in the nineteenth century where worldwide volcanic activity put so many particles into the air that sunlight was effectively blocked. It never got warm, crops failed, snow in July - all kinds of freaky stuff.

Do I even remember how hot it can get in Hillsborough in July and August? Hmmmm. Oh yeah, I remember - how could I forget. We were nearly through July last year when the air conditioning quit. Did I already tell you that we just got the new one two weeks ago?

You do the math.

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