29 May 2008

No, No, No! Three Times No!

I was interested to read in the Courier News today that the Hillsborough Township Committee has rejected all three bids received for the $220,000 Senior Center project. Two of the bids were over the allotted budget, and the third did not contain all of the required documentation. Now the project will be re-bid - but not until the architect has reexamined the specifications to ensure that the budget for the project is realistic and to see if any changes need to be made to the plan.

It was encouraging to see this process being played out, which is in stark contrast to what happened in Bernardsville recently where it appeared a town councilman gave the inside track to a painting contractor by telling him bids were still being taken for a project, and then allowing him to fax a bid from his office. The councilman, who claims that he was only trying to move the project along and admits to no wrongdoing, was nevertheless censured by the council for giving the "appearance" of wrongdoing.

Can you imagine the outcry if something like that ever took place in Hillsborough?

Can you believe I didn't speculate on the completion date of the Hillsborough Senior Center?

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