30 May 2008

Day Trippin'

We took advantage of the kids' school vacation day on Friday to take the mother of all day trips - Hershey Park. There aren't very many other one day excursions that require a longer drive than this 285 mile round trip - only Wildwood comes to mind, and at over 300 miles driving, that is pushing it for us.

With gasoline prices approaching $4 a gallon, it is unlikely that we will be taking this type of day trip again any time soon.

What are some of your favorite day trips? And how far from Hillsborough would you go and return the same day?


  1. Power to ya! You're one fun Dad.

    I chaperoned a trip to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty for my daughter's class last week. With all of the traffic and crowds, we spent most of our time on lines, ferries and buses. Poor kids didn't get the chance to stop at Liberty Island...

    They were bored to death with Ellis Island and we were still home an hour late.

    A mess! But who could predict every other school in the world having the same idea?

  2. Having spent most of my adult working life at Six Flags, I knew exactly what to expect at Hershey Park on Friday at the end of May. There were almost no other families there, but there were hundreds of busloads of high school students on their end-of-the-year trips.

    It was actually o.k., and not too crowded, and of course my little guy never had to wait for the kiddie rides!

  3. So, Mr. Six Flags, when are the best and worst days to go to Great Adventure? I liked those days when my Dad worked at Johnson & Johnson and they would rent the entire park for the day. I would ride a roller coaster, not even get off because there would be no line, and ride it again. Now that was a good day.

  4. Mike B. weekdays between now and the end of school would be a good start. Otherwise - Sunday morning, get there before they open. Back in the day, Sundays usually started slowly.

    Avoid the holidays. July 4 and Labor Day were usually pretty busy - no one works on those days.