24 January 2009

Picture This

Would you pay $18,000 for a picture of yourself? Not a painting - a photograph. Yes, it will be big. Maybe six feet across and four feet high.

Interested? The place to find out more is at Hillsborough's own Kramer Portraits, located at Mountainview Plaza on Route 206. They specialize in "Renaissance Portraits" - essentially formal portrait photographs taken in a specially lighted studio with a dramatic painted background.

We had ours done today. The session lasts about thirty minutes - which is just about right for a six-year-old and a nine-year-old, and a forty-four-year-old! Photographer Peter Gelabert took several photos of each of the seven or eight different set-ups.

We will get our first look at how they turned out in a couple of weeks when we return to the studio to choose which pose we want printed, applied to a canvas backing, touched up with pencils, dyes and oils, and framed. And most importantly we need to choose which size will look just right in our home.

P.S. We're not getting the $18,000 one!


  1. Was there a catch? We "won" a sitting an a 16 x 20 portrait in an auction.

  2. Andrew, we also "won" a 16x20 portrait at a silent auction. The 16x20 is valued at $2000 - which includes the photography and all of the artist work to create the "renaissance portrait". Framing is not included.

    We knew going in that we would want a larger portrait - and we did indeed select a larger size, and an accompanying frame. The $2000 prize was simply deducted from our final bill.

    No doubt that most people, after seeing the incredible quality of the portraits, will want something larger than 16x20 - and I am sure Kramer counts on this when donating prizes for auctions or raffles, etc. But there was no pressure at all to get a bigger size. Your selected portrait is projected on a wall at actual size, and you choose what you want.