14 January 2009

Don't Mess with the Meal Ticket

The Courier News switched to a proprietary blog format for their web site in the spring of last year. Since that time, I have continued to post to this blog, and have selected about half of these posts to copy to the new MyCentralJersey.com blog.

This has worked out well, as I have generally chosen the most Hillsborough-centric entries for the new site. Likewise, the Courier News editors have excerpted nearly all of those for inclusion on the editorial page of the print newspaper.

Until I complained about Kohl's in the blog titled Economic Slowdown. I waited and waited for it to show up in the paper. Pretty naive!

For the record - I love Kohl's! I love that it is three miles from my front door. I love that you don't have to go to the mall. I love that there is always parking. I love the prices and selection. I just think the clerks AND customers are too slow at the checkout, the discounts take too long to explain, and the returns take too long to process.

I guess you can bash the post office, the governor, even fellow residents - just don't mess with the meal ticket!

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