17 January 2009

Call to Action

At the Hillsborough Township reorganization meeting on January 6, newly appointed mayor Frank DelCore spoke about the current economic conditions, and proposed an "economic action plan" to help area businesses survive and thrive during this downturn. But before there can be any "action", there has to be a "plan"!

Already three key elements of the plan have been implemented. The Grants and Shared Services Committee has been re-established with key department heads in place of resident volunteers. This is a superb idea, as department heads look for ways to trim their budgets.

The township committee also announced the creation of a Regulatory Oversight Working Group, chaired by Building Department Director Ron Skobo. The State of New Jersey is well known for its onerous regulations and red tape - corporations and businesses large and small are fleeing the state, heading to Pennsylvania and other points west and south. It's important for Hillsborough to see what we can do on the local level to keep business here.

And, finally, Business Advocate Gene Strupinsky, aka the hardest working man in Hillsborough, has now been authorized to work a full-time schedule. Having this type of full-time position will put us on a par with our larger neighbors, and will give the business community greater access to the Business Advocate's office.

All in all, this is a good start for the 2009 township committee. Now that the plan is in place, it's time to see some action!

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