31 January 2009


Thanks to all the friends and supporters of Autism Speaks and Hillsborough's Hope who braved the wind, the cold, and the world's largest traffic jam to come out to the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton today for the Disney On Ice Disneyland Adventure show.

Because of your tremendous support we were able to raise several hundred dollars for autism research.

And the show was pretty good too!


  1. Hey Greg,

    We're going to see this show in 3 weeks here in Columbus, Ohio. First row seats too. Yippie!
    How did William & Amanda like the show? Your pictures are showing a lot of characters which is great.

  2. Ha Ha Ha!!! Here is the REST of the story:

    I didn't even see the show! The traffic was completely snarled due to a fatal accident about 2 blocks away from the arena. We literally moved 1 block in 35 minutes and were nowhere near the parking lots when the show was about to begin - so I dropped Patty and the kids off right on the street in Trenton, about 4 blocks from the arena, and they ran in. It took me another 45 minutes to finally get to a parking lot. By that time it was intermission so I decied to just eat the ticket and stay in the car. That way I was able to pull right up to the arena after the show and pick them up.

    The kids and Patty loved the show - they said it was amazing! Make sure that you are seeing the "Disneyland Adventure" show and not the other one.