18 January 2009

Where the Sidewalk Ends

"You can't get there from here." This exasperating phrase supposedly originated in Maine, but could also apply to a lot of New Jersey towns - even Hillsborough!

What started me thinking about this old saying was not the recently begun 6-month bridge replacement project on Amwell Road, the numerous designated bike lanes that don't connect with each other, nor even the snarl of traffic most days on Route 206. It started with a walk - and a deadly sin.

Yes, I'll admit it, I have been tempted over the last week or so by the promise of free coffee at WaWa. You have to buy one of those breakfast sandwiches - but that's o.k., I like those too. Yet, I really don't need to eat like that every day. What to do?

My solution was to walk. I could walk the entire length of Triangle Road from Beekman Lane to the Triangle Center, and it wouldn't even be a 5 mile round trip! I can do that!

The problem is the sidewalk on the north side of Triangle Road ends at Farm Road. Now, I know that doesn't stop a lot of residents - I see many walking on the lawns in that area. But I feel safer walking on the sidewalk - it's where drivers expect pedestrians to be.

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Over the years, Hillsborough has been very proactive in building sidewalks and requiring sidewalks in new commercial and residential development. That's why I am asking the powers that be, for the sake of my health, please build the missing piece of sidewalk between Farm Road and the Triangle Center!

Either that, or ban free coffee!


  1. Greg, As a pedestrian advocate myself, I am glad you have taken up the cause on your blog on completing this section of sidewalk. The fact is the developer of the Promanade shopping center is obligated under a condition of the planning board approval to complete a significant section of the sidewalk network along Triangle road. There were some right-of-way issues to address, but now that you have put it out there, I hope it will finally get done.

  2. Hi PMD! I appreciate your past efforts on behalf of pedestrians.

    The missing section of sidewalk in that area is about 1/3 of a mile, or 600 yards. Really not that great a distance. Also, although there are all private homes along that stretch, I don't believe any of them are so close to the street that the owners would feel like they were losing their "whole front lawn" by adding a sidewalk.

    As for the Promenade - You know much more about their obligations than I do - I wouldn't know where to start!