07 January 2008

New Year's Resolution - Get Organized

The Hillsborough Township Committee can place one check mark on their list of New Year's Resolutions - they are officially "organized". Re-organized, that is.

Assemblyman Peter Biondi was on hand tonight at the Municipal Building to swear in our new committeeman Frank DelCore. Mr. DelCore thanked his family, Mr. Biondi, his predecessor Paul Drake, the Hillsborough Republican Club, and especially the voters of Hillsborough for allowing him the opportunity to serve. He pledged to do a good job, and to work honorably for all the residents of Hillsborough: "There is no place for partisan politics on the local level - we'll leave that for the folks in Trenton and Washington".

Township Administrator Kevin Davis ran the meeting until Anthony Ferrera was again chosen as Mayor and took over in the center chair. And yes, name plates were made up ahead of time for Mayor and our new Deputy Mayor, Frank DelCore.

After the necessary considerations and resolutions were passed, and the Boards and Commissions appointed, attendees adjourned to the multipurpose room - where Republicans, Democrats, and Independents offered congratulations to Mr. DelCore. And ate cake!

What other New Year's Resolutions should be on the Township Committee's list? Let me know, down below!

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