27 January 2008

Mercury Math

Could this be the year Hillsborough becomes mercury-free? The Defense National Stockpile Center is now 98.6% sure that the 2,617 tons of mercury being stored at the South Somerville GSA depot will be shipped to Nevada by May 2008.

Now for some interesting math. The story in Sunday's Courier News reported that the Nevada facility can receive just four trucks a day - and only four days a week. It will take 308 trucks to move all of the mercury. This means it will take 20 weeks to empty the warehouses on Route 206.

If the trucks started rolling tomorrow, the mercury would not be in Nevada until the middle of June! Maybe the DNSC meant to say that the shipments would BEGIN in May. In that case, the mercury will still be here all through the summer into September.

Whatever the case, at least Nevada is no longer fighting the inevitable.

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