08 January 2008

Another Spin

I've been scooped! Well, sort of. That other newspaper reported Monday that New Jersey is considering plans to install energy generating windmills along the Turnpike. The idea is to try to harness our plentiful wind - especially in the windy area near Port Elizabeth - to generate some electricity and revenue. The State is looking to lessen the impact of the projected toll hikes that will come from the Governor's '"monetization" plan.

I had no idea we were considering such a plan - but it does make some sense. In fact, someone in Trenton is thinking the same way I do. Saturday night I was at a party, and was telling a friend (and I know she is reading this!) that Hillsborough should combine its detention basin rehab project with the recently passed windmill ordinance. Yes, windmills in the detention basins!

I was just kind of riffing on that idea - not really serious about it - but I liked it enough to mention that I was going to go home after the party and write up something for the blog. Unfortunately I got in pretty late - and I couldn't really come up with a hook for the story.

I forgot all about it until I read Monday's paper.

If the state is looking for anymore wacky, but workable, ideas, tell someone to give me a call. I've got a million of 'em.

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