31 January 2008

Long Month

Maybe it's just me - but January seems to be the longest month. I am sure the cold weather has something to do with it - and having the maximum 31 days certainly doesn't help. But I suppose the real culprit is February. It's just not fair that such a short month follows such a long one.

January and February have so much in common - yet they couldn't be more different. January goes on forever while February - even during the 29 day leap year - just breezes right past.

And the strangest part is, even though January is soooo long, I almost didn't find enough time to get my requisite twenty blog posts in this month. In fact, I'm getting this one in just under the wire! It's not procrastinating - it's something to do with January itself. Everything is moving slower, even me!

I think I may take tomorrow off. Then, shadow or no shadow, I'm going to bust out twenty posts in 28 days starting on the 2nd. Keep reading!

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