28 January 2008

Waiting for the Snow

Are you waiting for the snow? I'm not. I have seen enough big snowfalls in my fifteen years in Hillsborough to last the rest of my life. I don't like the shoveling - I don't like the ice - I don't like driving in the stuff.

Is there anyone who is really looking forward to the first big storm? Sure.

Skiers heading out to the Poconos or Mountain Creek would like to see a little natural snow, certainly. School children are dreaming about their first snow day. Landscapers and others in the business of snow removal are definitely hurting.

And then there's the guy who had to decide last month between a new big screen television and a snow blower - and chose the blower. This is no doubt the saddest case. And, although I feel your pain blowerman, I can't join you in a snow-dance this year.

But you are invited to watch the Superbowl over at my house!

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