26 April 2008


The twenty-fifth person to visit On Hillsborough today will be my 10,000th visitor since I started tracking visits back in July.

I am very pleased about all of the positive feedback I've received, and I am sure that the next 10,000 visits will take about half the time as the first 10,000.

In the meantime, take a look at this $10,000 note.


  1. Wow! Congrats! I just passed 10,320 this morning, thanks to many, many hits from this site.

  2. So can you track who logs in the hot seat and gets the prize? What IS the prize, anyway? How do you know how many people click on your site? Can you track how often people visit?

    Later, V


    Greg, I followed your link to “Bright Tomorrow” and wanted to leave a comment. However, the sight informed me that comments must be approved by the Blog administrator before they may be published.

    Frankly, I’m surprised you recommend a Blog that involves that much censorship, I would have taken you as a man you wouldn’t support such!

  4. Val - you were too early - the 10,000th visitor dropped by between 1 and 2 pm Saturday. Don't know who it was - I can't see people's ISPs or anything - but for more on the "stats" click over to the right on "Housekeeping".

  5. 08844 - Angela originally had open comments like I do here. After I put a link up here, she restricted it to invited friends only. What she has now is a sort of compromise.

    Her blog is really a personal journal, not really like mine, and I respect her right to take a peek at the comments first before they go up. I would be surprised if she ever rejected any comments.

  6. Okay

    I, too, can respect her right to have and control a personal Blog, particularly because it does not have the name “Hillsborough,” in it. But, I still think it is dangerous to free speech to have these semi-public forums where only selected points of view are allowed.

    Your link to that Blog, endorsees and makes her Blog more public, at least in my mind. Just thought I needed to point that out, please don’t take offence, as none is intended. For I would be extremely hypocritical if I said you have no right to put her link on your web page.

  7. 08844 - I understand your concerns. Also, I see your comment went up pretty quickly.

    If you read through her blog, you will notice she doesn't get involved in the same issues I do - but there is often Hillsborough comment.