02 April 2008

Logtown Lightning

Yesterday's warm weather and thunderstorms almost made me think that it was already summer! Before heading out to that favorite camp site, read this short story from the June 11, 1900 edition of The New York Times.


BOUND BROOK, N.J., June 10. - During the electric storm on Friday night three boys, Trombley, Franklin, and Welsh, said to be New Yorkers, who were camping at Logtown, in the Sourland Mountains, some miles from this point, were stunned by lightning striking near their camp. They are said to have suffered no ill effects.

At Wood[s] Tavern lightning struck a tree near which Dr. Partridge was seated in a carriage. The doctor felt the effects but slightly. The horse, however, was so badly hurt that it had to be killed. The Lamington Church steeple was struck for the fifth time in as many years.

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