24 April 2008

C'mon Get Happy

The Hillsborough Township Committee recently approved the allocation of $51,000 from its capital improvements budget to purchase a new bus for the senior citizens.

The seniors need a safe bus - but that doesn't mean it has to be a boring one. Please tell me we aren't getting the typical blue, white, or gray. I was thinking we should get something like this:

I'd actually go out and get a CDL for a chance to drive our seniors around on the Partridge Family Bus!


  1. Hey, baby-boomers turned 65 this year! A Partridge Family style bus really isn't so far-fetched an idea, Greg!

    Good one! I'd volunteer to drive it.

    UGH! I made the dreaded mistake of stopping in to our wretched post office yesterday. Not only was the line out the door, but...the ladies were no where to be seeeen!

    I left. Why, Greg. WHY!?

  2. Read what I wrote about the post office here


    and here