22 April 2008


It was deja-vu all over again when I opened the Courier News to the editorial page today. Over there on the left side of the page - could it be? - I'm in reruns already? It seems to me I saw the same Gillette on Hillsborough excerpt on April 17, only five days ago!

To be fair, this reprint was more like an extended version. After all, they managed to include the punch line this time. Let's consider this one the "director's cut"!

Maybe the Courier News is planning a retrospective of my Greatest Hits - although I hardly think the one about the Rotary Club dictionaries would be included in any "Best Of'" collection. And don't those box-sets usually signal the end-of-the-line? Does this mean I'm on my way out?

Maybe there's something they're not telling me. Stay tuned!

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