01 April 2008


It looks like the Route 206 bypass project is on the fast track - finally!

After an almost 50 year wait for a new highway through Hillsborough, the shovels are ready to hit the dirt by Memorial Day, with a few changes to the previous plan.

"We're going all out for the people of Hillsborough", said DOT spokeswoman April Furst. "We will be adding lanes, eliminating traffic lights, and smashing straight through Pike Run. And we'll be pushing north also - our new slogan is Brown Avenue or Bust!"


  1. Ha Ha,

    And even BIGGER April Fools joke is the state of NJ’s financial condition. Sadly, however that is not a joke. Also, smart people are leaving this State in Droves and that’s not a joke either!

    New Jersey and Toast ---- Perfect together!

  2. OH NO - The Courier News put this on their editorial page TODAY - with a serious headline.

    I hope everyone gets the joke - actually I wonder if the CN got the joke!

  3. Yeah, I noticed that on the op-ed page. Your only saving grace may be the inclusion of "April Furst" in the section quoted!

    BTW, I see you noticed that someone has our blogs confused or thinks you are writing two blogs.

  4. Hughes -

    Angela's Blog is here


    She has a link to your blog, but she used to have a link to mine! She took mine down several weeks ago, and then she told me she was putting it back up, but she put yours up instead! Now I believe she just got us confused.

  5. Hi, Greg - very funny post - you had me going there for a minute!