26 July 2008

COAH Reprieve

The Hillsborough Township Committee, sounding a little like the Chairmen of the Board, asked for just a little more time to submit a new plan for round three of the Council on Affordable Housing. Superior Court Judge Allison Accurso granted that request yesterday, giving Hillsborough until December 31 to submit its plan.

In this case, a little more time amounts to just about two and a half months. I am sure the time is needed, and that our advisors will use every minute to come up with something by the end of the year - but it won't be enough.

COAH is broken. Given a thousand years and the best brains in the affordable housing business - and it IS a business - Hillsborough would still be unable to come up with a plan that makes any sense out of the brainless Round Three rules.

There's surely no love growing between the Hillsborough Township Committee and Governor Corzine on this one!

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