23 July 2008

Fireman's Fair, Revisited

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the local fireman's fair held each summer by the Adelphia Fire Company in Howell, New Jersey. As a little kid this is where I rode my first Ferris Wheel, devoured my first cotton candy, and tossed my first quarter onto a slippery plate.

Hamburgers, hot dogs, clams on the half-shell - it was ALL good! Even a great place to take a date on a hot teenage summer night! I couldn't imagine a summer without the fireman's fair.

Local residents will be creating some memories of their own now that the Rotary Club of Hillsborough has stepped up and taken over Hillsborough's traditional summer fair. After the property adjacent to the Route 206 Firehouse was bought by the state last year as part of the Route 206 bypass project, the Fire Company decided to give up the fair.

There is no doubt that running the fair the last few years has been HARD WORK - perhaps for diminishing returns Apparently, losing the venue was what pushed the firemen to end their involvement.

With a new larger piece of land at Lowe's, better parking, and all the same fun (minus the beer tent!), the Rotary Club has every chance to make this year's fair the best ever.

If the weather cooperates, I'll see you there on Friday night. And if I appear to be daydreaming, don't bother me!

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  1. "slippery plate" is a great name for a band or a sexual term.