24 July 2008

Ready to Roll?

According to the State of New Jersey, the Route 206 bypass project is "on track". On track? What does that mean - construction ready to start this year? O.K., how about 2009? No? Would you believe 2010? That's what they would like you to believe.

And you may as well forget about Brown Avenue to Old Somerville Road. That is where the REAL traffic is - and it will only get worse if the bypass is built. Yet no one is talking about that very expensive project (streams to bridge, railroad bridges to be rebuilt), because it is too expensive to even TALK about.

Are you still a believer?

Take a look at this map from 1968.

1968 NJ Highway map showing planned I95 route through Somerset County

That's 40 years folks, and still no relief. Want to go for another 40?

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