16 July 2008

Growth Spurts Down South

The folks over at MyCentralJersey.com have created a really cool map to show the population growth in our area from 2000 to 2007. Just click on the colored pushpins for the details.

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Hillsborough is marked with the blue pushpin right near the center of the map, Montgomery is the green pushpin just below.

Municipalities marked in red declined in population. Those marked in yellow grew by 0 percent to 4.99 percent. Blue, 5 percent to 9.99 percent. Green, 10 percent or more. These numbers come from the US Census estimates which came out last week.

Hillsborough experienced 5.36% growth, adding just under 2000 residents between 2000 and 2007. If this trend continues right through the next official census in 2010, we will still have fewer than 40,000 residents to begin the next decade.

The real out-of-control growth in our part of the county is in Montgomery Township - which added 5542 residents over the past seven years, increasing their population by 31.7%! There is no doubt that Montgomery is a desirable place to live, and now they are paying for it - going through the same growing pains that Hillsborough did decades ago.

I'm sure it won't be long before a citizens' group is petitioning Montgomery Township for a new form of government - elected mayor, checks and balances, wards even!

Won't that be interesting!

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