06 July 2008

Google Gas

If you've browsed this blog even a little bit over the past year, you will know that I am a big fan of Google Maps. I find the satellite map especially useful, and have recently started looking at the new Street View map - which is kind of cool and scary.

One of the useful new add-ons for Google Maps is the ability to map gas station prices compiled by GasBuddy.com. It's not possible to embed mapplets, but you can follow this link to have a look. Click on the blue push-pins to see the prices.

It appears that Lora's is the winner this week. And it's encouraging to see that none of the gas stations in Hillsborough are over $4 a gallon - even if my old friends at Exxon look especially lonely at $3.99, everyone seemingly having jumped ship to QuikChek.

You know, despite the big ribbon-cutting grand opening blah blah, I think I'll be loyal to Exxon and WaWa - at least for now. But thanks to Google, I'll be keeping an eye on Exxon. No way am I paying $4 a gallon!

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