27 July 2008

A Wonderful Gift

All too often, our loved ones are taken from us before we are ready. Sometimes, tragically, they are taken before they are ready.

It is in these times that we ask ourselves "why?" Even the most religious among us, those with deep-rooted faith, will want to know how God could possibly have a plan that calls for the tragic death of a young man, the despair of a family, the tears of all who knew him.

There are few words of comfort, except perhaps these. Before we can lose someone dear, we must have someone dear. God's plan is not to take someone from us, but to give someone to us - perhaps for just a while. The quantity of time we have with the ones we love is not nearly as important as the quality of time we have with them.

This then must be His plan, to give us someone who will touch us, enrich us, love us.

That's a wonderful gift!

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