08 February 2009

Historic Move

This is a photo I took on January 3, 2009 just several days before the 5000 square foot two-story barn at the corner of Route 206 and Raider Boulevard was moved onto its new foundation.

The barn dates back to the 19th century, and the carriage house visible in the distance was built in the mid 1700s. Can you make out the barn and carriage house in this 1931 aerial photo of the area? The road running north and south is Route 206 - called Route 31 back then - and Raider Boulevard would be in the vicinity of the black line that runs east-west through the photo.

Both buildings will remain on the site, becoming part of the new retail-office complex. Read more here.


  1. Hi Greg, just came across your blog by chance and have been hooked for the past few hours reading through some of the historical posts, being that I am also very interested in local history. I do a lot of research on local history and haven't seen some of the images and maps you've been able to find so nice job. I was wondering where you found the 1931 aerial shot in this post?


    1. Hi Ryan, I'm glad you've been enjoying the blog. The aerial photo comes from HistoricAerials.com the site has aerial and satellite photography for various years from 1931 to the present. While searching, the images are presented with watermarks - but good enough for research. If you need a clear image, digital downloads are available for a fee.

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