14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from the USS Neshanic

What to do on Valentine's Day? Tough enough question for those of us who are ABLE to spend the day with our significant other. What about those who are somehow separated from their loved ones on February 14?

For the sailors aboard the USS Neshanic cruising the Pacific during World War II, a Valentine's Day Card to their sweethearts stateside was a must.

The card below is typical of the kind sent from naval ships in the Pacific. The front is designed to make the hometown girls jealous. Inside might be a poem like, "Every day I see something new, but every night I'm dreaming of you."

Something new, indeed!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Greg,

    Hi. I couldn't find your email, but found you at this site. Can you email me at emt_m2m@yahoo.com?

    Matt Monetti

  2. Do you have any other information about the USS Neshanic? My grandfather served aboard the ship and I am currently researching it.

  3. I think everything I know about the USS Neshanic is in my blog. Look in Feb 2009.


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