16 February 2009

The Most Important Meal

This Sunday my family and I enjoyed the last regularly scheduled brunch at Old Man Rafferty's on Route 206 at the Triangle Center. The few times I have had brunch there over the last few years I have enjoyed it very much, and Sunday was no exception. I'm sorry to see that they have decided to end this regular service, although they will still be serving Sunday brunch on selected holidays.

I am pleased to see that Red Wagon Gourmet have reopened for business after flooding caused by a faulty sprinkler shut down operations in December. Also interesting to note that they are now including more healthy food choices, and are offering an expanded breakfast menu.

And finally, one of my favorites, the Plaza Deli on Route 206 at the Mountainview Plaza is now open on Sundays from 8 until 2. With apologies to IHOP - which is another excellent breakfast choice that I couldn't leave out of this blog - Plaza Deli has the tastiest pancakes in Hillsborough. And their other menu items are delicious as well.

Can't wait till the weekend!

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