17 February 2009

If It's Yellow....

First question: How often do you flush? Second question: Do you think you're getting your money's worth?

Montgomery Township officials obviously felt that many residents were not getting their money's worth when it comes to their sewer bills. After all, sewer usage is based on how much water you run down your drains - but all residents had been paying one flat fee of $850, no matter how may times they flushed or how long they showered.

Montgomery's new billing system, which went into effect January 1, is based directly on how much water is used at each home. Now, about 70% of residents should be paying under $850 - some as low as $541. High end users - unquestionably those who let the water run while shaving or brushing - could pay as much as $1562.

This seems fair to me, and could conceivably lead to water conservation - always a good idea.

Good job Montgomery. This idea gets four out of five plungers on the happy bathroom scale!


  1. I would assume that the water going down the drain is assessed at the rate that the water meter is going around?

    If this is the calculations then the town will be making more money based on the fact that most residents irrigate their properties.


  2. Greg, I guess your title is a reference to NYs Mayor Koch?

    This is a great idea. Dave, maybe it will cut back on the useless lawn watering although I hardly think that most of Montgomery will switch to vegetable gardens.

  3. Good morning Hughes

    I just see it at government making more money on the same thing. People will not stop watering or change their habits and that is what Montgomery is banking on, I bet.


  4. Hughes - I am pretty sure the phrase, "if it's yellow - let it mellow, if it's brown - flush it down" has been around for a long time. Thirty years or more probably. I wasn't sure of the derivation, although I know that Ed Koch used the phrase to promote water conservation.